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Industry Leading Marine Lithium Technology

Dedicated 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V lithium batteries designed to withstand harsh marine environments 

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The Fusion Lithium Battery That's Made for Marine

The Fusion PULSE 200 Series incorporates high grade lithium cell construction in a durable, waterproof case with a high capacity internal Battery Management System to form the worlds first dedicated marine lithium battery.

As a result, luxury motor-yacht manufacturers like Riviera, Grand Banks and Palm Beach are all now using Fusion Lithium Pulse 200 Series batteries as the standard house batteries and to run their high capacity bow/stern thrusters for all of their new vessels, along side the Fusion Lithium START range of batteries to turn over their huge diesel engines and gen-sets 

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NMEA 2000 Compatability

In a world first, the Fusion PULSE 200 Series includes a built in NMEA2000 plug so that each individual battery can be networked into the N2K backbone for easy, in depth battery monitoring

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Cell Technology 

Special high discharge cells have been developed to handle the continuous high currents that the PULSE 200 series is able to supply. This exclusive technology means the high currents allowed by the BMS in these batteries will not degrade the internal lithium cells 

Ultra Long Life

Fusion lithium batteries show unmatched cycle life at 100% depth of discharge testing. Designed to last 10 years or more when cared for and used correctly, the long life of these batteries will actually  lower the cost of use over time when compared to using traditional lead acid batteries that need to be replaced regularly every 3-4 years. The deeper discharge abilities and quicker charging times that our lithium technology provides also results in less generator run time for the end user, meaning less hassle and more savings. 

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BMS Technology

The internal battery management system in the PULSE 200 series is the only one of its kind on the market.  Not only protecting the battery from over discharging and short circuiting, but allowing the battery to be compatible with almost any modern battery charging system or alternator as a drop-in replacement for existing lead-acid/AGM batteries. This BMS also allows the battery to safely discharge and charge at a constant rate of up to 200A, and to discharge in short bursts at an astonishing 300A. Meaning these batteries can handle massive load draws, and recharge quicker than any other battery of their kind.

Ultra Light Weight

Lithium batteries give the added advantage of being ultra light weight. Fusion Lithium batteries will weigh as little as a third of the weight of an equivalent lead-acid battery.


100% Waterproof Sealed Casing

Perfect for marine applications, the battery casing that houses the cells and internal BMS is fully sealed and IP66 rated.


A Battery For Each Purpose

We offer different ranges of lithium batteries for specialised applications, regular deep cycle use, cranking/starting purposes and more. 

Our Different Ranges of Batteries Include:

Fusion Lithium PULSE 200 Series

- High Capacity 200A continuous BMS

- Superior Lithium Cell Construction

- NMEA2000 Compatibility

- dedicated 12V, 24V batteries 

Fusion Lithium CORE Series

- 150A continuous BMS

- Built in bluetooth for monitoring

- Dedicated 12V, 24V, 36V & 48V batteries

Fusion Lithium VLFP Deep Cycle Series

- 100A continuous BMS

- Built in LCD display for monitoring

- Dedicated 12V & 24V batteries

Fusion Lithium START Series

- High cranking capacity for starting large engines

- NMEA 2000 compatibility 

- Dedicated 12V & 24V batteries

& More 

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Who's already using our batteries?

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AUS: (+61) 414 453 623

USA: +1 (830) 752 7117



Southport, QLD, Australia

A division of "Superstart Batteries"

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